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How to Make an Appointment for Legal Counseling

Step 1: Apply using the form.

You can apply for legal counseling by clicking on the button placed above or below. If you cannot use the weblink, please send an email at or call the office at 03-5368-6391. (Just say “Ms. ARIMOTO” to a clerk and she will put you through to the attorney.)

The fee for a counseling session will be “free” for one hour only for the first time. The rate will be 20,000 yen per hour for the extended time or for the second counseling and thereafter.

We do not provide legal counseling service by telephone or emails for the first timers. Please kindly come to our office with an appointment in order to receive our service. If you truly need to have a counseling session online (via Skype), please write so and the reason on the application form. The attorney will provide the Skype link separately if necessary.

Step 2: The attorney will contact you by telephone or email.

After reading the details in the application form, the attorney will contact you by telephone or email to let you know if I can provide legal advice on your case and, if I can, to make an appointment with you. 

The attorney will basically contact you within 24 hours except for weekends or holidays. If there is no call or email from the attorney, it would be great if you would send the attorney an email again.

Step 3: Make an appointment.

Our business hour is from 10am to 7pm (Mon to Fri, except for holidays). The counseling session can start from 7pm if you can come to the office around 7pm.

Step 4: Come to the office, and have a counseling session with the attorney.

Please come to the office at the time and date of the appointment, and have a counseling session with the attorney. It would be helpful if you could bring related documents with you as necessary. Advice from the attorney will be given orally. If you wish to have any document prepared or revised by the attorney in the first session, an additional fee will be charged.

If you wish to hire the attorney as a result of the counseling session and the attorney thinks she can handle your case, the attorney will give an explanation on the fees regarding your case. The attorney will also provide you a letter of engagement describing the extent of the representation and fees. You can bring the letter(unsigned) back and consider carefully whether you would like to hire the attorney.