Practice Areas

Civil Law Cases Real Estate, Land Lease, Contracts, Buy/Sell, Labor Disputes, Traffic Accidents, Other Accidents, Product Liability, Other Torts,
Defamation on the Internet, etc.
Family Law Cases Divorce, Inheritance, Preparation of Wills, Division of the Estate, Waiver of right to the Estate, Executor,
Application for the Guardianship, etc.
Corporate Cases Consulting, Support for Startups, Antitrust Law, Anti-Competition Law, Laws on Industrial Wastes, etc.
Contracts Preparation and Review of Contracts (in English), Disputes regarding Contracts, etc.
Translation Translation of Legal Documents (Japanese to English / English to Japanese)
Bankruptcy Liquidation, Reorganization, Bankruptcy of Individuals and Companies, etc.
Others Visas, Seminars on Startups,
Legal Research, Lawsuits, Arbitration, Negotiation, Sending Legal Notices, etc.